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HSLES is a family company with over 60 years of tradition in the field of indoor and building furniture manufacture.

Our production plant is located in the heart of the highest quality timber in Slovenia, in the village of Kočevska Reka. In the recent period, we have invested in the line for the longitudinal wood cutting of a recognized manufacturer, and a circular multi-blade rip saw. The entire infrastructure of the carpenter’s workshop has also been renovated; all machines have been rebuilt and modernized.

In the near future, we shall double our production capacities and invest additional assets in the processing of wood waste, thus providing the local community with a source of energy in the form of wood chips and pellets at a good price.
Our products are primarily intended for wealthier customers, who expect individual “VIP” treatment and appreciate manual, environmentally friendly and socially responsible manufacture.
Because of our approach, the prices of our products rise above average; in the industry, we justify them with their quality and our personal approach towards each customer.
With the knowledge acquired through years of operation, we can guarantee products of premium manufacture quality. Of course we also look forward to new challenges that you will present to us.
The production capacities at our disposal assure the manufacture of the highest quality products, competitive prices, quick production and continuous supply. We specialize in cutting and drying logs of coniferous and deciduous trees of all dimensions.

We provide log cutting of all sizes. We also perform cutting for customers with special requirements.

Standard product range:

  • timber for the construction industry
  • construction timber, which can also be chiselled on request
  • timber for the wood gluing industry
  • timber for the production of all types of pallets
  • timber for wooden packaging
  • top quality wood for carpenter’s workshops
  • logs for veneer
  • sawdust
  • endings
  • biomass wood chips
  • Pellets

All products are available freshly cut or dried, if necessary.
We allow for the cutting and take-over of logs at the location.

We produce indoor and building furniture, such as windows, doors, tables, cupboards and benches, as well as imitations of antique furniture. We also perform the process of ageing wood.

All of our products are made of top quality solids. Our production also includes renovation and restoration of old furniture.
We have several types of timber for the needs of the carpenter’s workshop in stock at all times.
We manufacture wood constructions and hayricks of all dimensions.

In order to provide the best service for our partners, we specify the direct contact information below. We will be happy to receive your every call!

HS LES d.o.o.

Kočevska Reka 18,
1338 Kočevska Reka,
portable: +386 41 430 971
email: nejc@hsles.eu